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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®


We have more abundance in the Western world than ever before and supposedly more intelligence yet we are the unhappiest species on this planet. Has anyone stopped to look at the correlation between consumerism and the growing rate of depression, anxiety, suicide, obesity and relationship breakdowns?

We need to seriously put an end to our ego's consumption binge! The planet and all its occupants are suffering and facing annihilation because the human psyche has for far too long been infected by a bad case of affluenza.

Affluenza has been identified as being "a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety, and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more." This is our most pressing epidemic as it is the root of all dis-ease in the world. Whether it be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. It is our shadows of greed, envy, pride and desire for power that has created a major imbalance in the psychic fabric of human consciousness.

Something is definitely wrong. We seem more empowered than ever before but perhaps it is only our egos that are. Our soul's seem to be dying a slow death. Our Western society is built on the idea that more stuff equates to more joy. Despite the flood of Eastern influence on our psyche we still just don't really GET IT. The Easter cultures completely debunk that myth as their way of life is proof that the human soul is not quenched by 'stuff' but instead it is only filled through connection, gratitude, spirituality and being connected to nature in harmony.

The more is better mentality has turned us into mindless consumption addicts and robotic workaholics. We are infected by the we are not enough virus that infects all of our thinking and choices. Our insatiable desire for more and more stuff has ironically however only exacerbated the emptiness we feel. That emptiness is calling for us to quench it with compassion, love, connection, togetherness, spirituality, and reunion with nature. Being disconnected has caused us t live a soul disconnected and spiritless life.

Our sense of entitlement, desire for instant gratification, need for speed and misguided ambitions have programmed the human species to become mindless workaholics, shopaholics and social media junkies. People were slowly waking up to the power of direct advertising and how it breeds discontentment so they introduced the social media game to help us experience even deeper levels of envy, comparison and drive the idea that we ARE NOT ENOUGH deeper into out consciousness.

While we are so busy aspiring for MORE, we trade in the things that truly matter such as our health, connection with friends and family, time to rest and enjoy life, relationships, spiritual commitments.

Are you thinking no that's not me? Think again. Affluenza has infected the very fabric of our existence and its claws are deeply embedded into every system and institution you can think of. Who is selling you the idea that YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED? WHO IS OUT THERE CONVINCING YOU THAT YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH AND COMPLETE?

You might think you have it figured out but think again because this epidemic infects most of humanity by playing on our fears of survival. Ironically however it is not our soul's survival we are talking about here. It is the ego's survival. If you take a moment to think about what you want and perceive you lack...you will be accessing how affluenza has your ego hostage. It has convinced you that you NEED this or that but have you stopped to questions why? Where is this need really coming from? What is driving your ambition? Take a moment to really connect deeply to why it is you want what you want and what is it you ultimately feel it will give you?

Usually it is temporary sense of happiness, achievement, recognition...short lived superficial joy posing as fulfillment. Ego has you in a trance my friend. It has us all in a trance. It takes consistent mindfulness to help question the ego and challenge its motivations.

Now take a moment to think about wall you have... really FEEL the sense of appreciation to have what you do in all aspects of life. Allow yourself to contemplate not having this anymore..people, relationships, food, water, opportunities etc. Bring yourself back to present time and allow yourself to deeply have an emotional experience of deep gratitude in this moment.

That there - that feeling of bliss and peace is the Soul. Your ego wants more but your soul is content. That is true fulfillment and the wellspring of true happiness. It is a well you must visit often to cure the ego of its suffering.

More money, more recognition, more stuff, more status, more gadgets, more attention will not help you arrive to destination Joy. Presence and genuine heartfelt thanks will.

The Eastern cultures completely debunk that myth as their way of life is proof that the human soul is not quenched by 'stuff' but instead it is only filled through connection, gratitude, spirituality and being connected to nature in harmony.

Affluenza can be cured through conscious awareness, education and will power alone. Think about what would happen if we all hit PAUSE on the consumerist programming instilled in us and decided to be content with what we have and who we are instead? You would experience the truth of FREEDOM! Our world would turn the right side up and instead of being busy doing shit we really don't NEED TO DO to buy shit we really don't need to have, we would finally crawl out of the mechanical world of our mind and ego and drop right into the blissful space of our heart and soul.

You would be in a state of NIRVANA...TOTAL BLISS. Your whole being would finally have time to smell, see, feel, sense, hear and taste things on Earth DEEPLY...you would actually WAKE UP OUT OF THE HYPNOSIS OF THE EGO and be ALIVE to enjoy the blessings of this magical existence.

This REALITY is available to you right NOW...for free! It is a CHOICE YOU MAKE. So go on and HIT ESCAPE on that mental keyboard in your mind and watch yourself totally ENTER A NEW DIMENSION of existence. This is a matter of choosing to live in a state of heaven or hell ..because it is all happening right there inside you..inside your mind.

Learn how to manage your mind and you will never ever look back. I swear it. I cannot wait for you to get here...I am waiting for you.

© ERYKA STANTON // BOOK ONLINE NOW​A passionate teacher, author, coach, a modern psychic, healer and soultreupreneur, Eryka is genuinely passionate about helping people experience inner and outer transformations that empowers their soul.

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