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Leo is in the house and you’re about to hear some ROARS! The February Full Moon Eclipse in Leo is going to propel you into some fantastic transformation over the next few months. Glam up and get set to step up because whether you like it or not it is time to turn on your magic and SHINE!

No more meandering and hiding behind others. It’s time to take the stage and move from being a backup singer to being the main act in your life! All moonbeams are on YOU! The universe has been encoding you with courage, clarity and purpose and so it’s SHOW TIME PEOPLE. Give yourself permission to be seen, to be known, to brag, to be heard and to be celebrated!

Get ready for some AWESOME to come your way but you have to let go of what is to make space for what will be! Each year we are gifted a series of eclipses to help give is the spiritual boot we need to EVOLVE and this one’s set to be a big one! Eclipses are such powerful cosmic forces that tend to bring the unpredictable…but the needed! We will only have 4 eclipses in 2017 so we have to prepared for the heavenly forces to be a little more brutal in directing us down the path we are MEANT TO BE ON. You may have already been nudged out of a job or relationship..either way this Full Moon is lighting the way for us to get back in in touch with our soul’s life path and purpose.

The best way to tap into the supercharged energy right now is to notice what exciting new ideas, opportunities and connections are flowing effortlessly into your life as well as what you’re resisting or postponing. Resistance will create chaos at this time so dig deep and trust what your inner most sacred advisor is calling you to do and then DO IT.

You will know the eclipse is barking down cosmic orders if you suddenly encounter unexpected change. You might lose a job or be offered one out of the blue. You may lose an investment or win big on one. You may be overly emotionally explosive or defensive. You may break someone’s heart or fall madly in love suddenly. Basically expect the unexpected! Trust what comes but realise whatever is has been dealt as a result of you resisting your soul’s true calling.

What happens at the time of an eclipse can be hard to take at the time but nearly always very clearly works out for the best. What appears as chaos is actually helping you construct your soul’s path. This is why it’s best to be really honest with yourself about what’s not working in your life and to take action before the eclipse, rather than leaving it for the eclipse to force your hand!

Choose to follow the beat of your own drum and relinquish all insecurities and fears. Now is the time to be brave and throw yourself into love, life and purpose with wild abandon. Dream big and don’t shrink yourself for other people’s comfort. Embrace Leo as an archetype of sovereign power and embody the fearlessness and royalty of the Lion. You will start to feel a renewed sense of confidence and freedom.

What held you hostage and stopped you fully expressing the power of your soul? What stood in your way? What fears and illusions held you back that now need to be set aflame with the power of your faith? MAKE an intention to ritualistically release the shackles of fear. Think about what kind of tomorrow you want to create by taking control of your mind today. Get crystal clear on what requires more of your attention, energy and focus in 2017 so that your soul self is nurtured and empowered to lead you in life.

I designed the 2017 Soul Planner for this specific purpose. This print and digital workbook takes you through a 100 page guided process to help you not only celebrate and salute 2016 but also offer you potent guidance and practical tools to assist you in the process of personal transformations 2017 and beyond. Get yours here. Now is undoubtedly the time to create a new soul-soaked future. The new year stretches fresh and untouched and the cosmos is offering you a clean slate upon which you can spiritually engrave whatever you wish upon the stars.

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