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Are you feeling a little emotional, moody, tired, sick or just plain cray cray? You can blame the trinity lineup of the Sun, Moon and Earth currently coming into perfect alignment today to form a powerful Total Solar Eclipse. It also happens to be the New Moon of August so it's an interesting dynamic.

The magnetic pull of these three celestial bodies has a major effect on the vibrational frequencies affecting our consciousness. You can expect this event and new moon vibes to act as a super charged reset that will smack you with exactly what you need to release in order to step up into a new cycle in a more empowered and soul aligned way. New ventures are best launched now! 

The sun is called Sol in French- not coincidental as the Sun represents our spiritual light and truth, the moon represents the Shadow or Ego aspects of self that are usually formed from unresolved wounds. As such, this is a mystically significant time to release whatever is holding you back from sharing your try light with the world. 

If you have not done a lot of 'inner work' you may feel extra sensitive, fatigued, frustrated or affected by things around you. It is a good time to check in on your inner self and nurture your soul. Notice what is arising from the dark rooms of your unconscious. Take note of your dreams, the themes arising. What is triggering you? What is calling you release control, expectations and allow the cosmic forces to guide the timing of things. What patterns, habits and fears need to be surrendered to make way for feminine flow? Thankfully as the moon passes the Sun it brings renewed hope to align you to your feminine energy of allowing, acceptance, receptivity, creativity and intuition. 

If you have done inner work, then events will pop up to show you just how far you have come! You may notice you manage challenges more seamlessly or are less thrown into chaotic reactions if things do not go as planned. Celebrate your growth and chose to take these new found strengths into your future.

The new moon indicates that now is a time for fresh feels and new ventures! According to Native American Shamans, a Solar Eclipse represents a powerful time of healing our idea of separation on a cosmic level. You will be offered an opportunity to strengthen relationships to yourself and others. You might be moved to share new gifts with the world! Mutual understanding, compassion, patience and love are being cultivated by the light of the sun. By integrating this into your personal life you can help the world move from opposition and chaos into a place of unity, love and peaceful existence. 

In some cultures, it is believed that a Solar Eclipses can cause digestive disturbances so if you're sensitive you will feel the blow. For this reason many spiritualists fast. 

Regardless, it's a time to slow down, go within and bring into the light what is hidden in the reserves of your shadow. Be prepared to get upgraded and transmitted some new inspiring energy and ideas too.  

If you're a spiritually sensitive soul, try a grounding meditation today/tonight and over next few days. Journal, be kind to yourself and others. Take note of key soul lessons and practice lots of self love and nurturing. Journal ideas and in coming days take inspired new action towards a soul aligned goal. 

Every moment is the perfect moment to 'Activate Your Lens of Love' and view the world and yourself through the single eye of your heart. 

P.S.You can watch the eclipse on the NASA website. If you're in view of the eclipse today, remember not to look directly at the sun. 

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