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Still recovering from the Solar Eclipse shenanigans? Well don't put your tissues and journal away just yet. This Pisces Full Moon is the cherry on the cosmic cake in helping you truly breakthrough the blocks holding you back mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

Be prepared for this full moon to pull on the tides of your consciousness and support you to clear your karmic past so you can finally be rebirthed into the new. 

This watery sign is going to drag out the hidden wounds you need to bring into the moonlight and finally release and alchemise into spiritual power for your future. You may be hypersensitive right now or be experiencing outbursts of emotions that are unlike your usual contained self. Pisces is talented at stirring up the waves of emotions and the more we resist the harder it gets -so essentially you are being urged to surf and surrender rather than suppress and sabotage. 

This Full Moon will unearth things you stubbornly do not want to see or perhaps don't even know is there. Tune out the world and tune into your soul. It's time to question your embedded assumptions that are destructive to your health, your view of yourself, your view of others, of life, of your capabilities etc.

Light a white candle to symbolise purity and cleansing and sit in quiet contemplation during this Full Moon. Simply witness how these assumptions sabotage your attempts to live out your potential.  Explore how these negative assumptions are making you feel small rather than big inside.

It is time to step into the sacred portal of your heart and review yourself and your life through the lens of love instead of fear. Uproot these self-destructive assumptions and replace them with soul empowering and life-enhancing ones instead! This Full Moon is supporting you to cut ties with the energies and patterns that no longer serve you. Choose to release stress, worry and doubt. Stop holding onto your past like a child clutching a lollipop. Accept a new matrix of existence that is centred in joy of living, forgiveness, compassion, love and purposeful living. Remember that loving yourself in your wholeness heals the world. Affirm to yourself "As I let go and come into flow, I gain more power". My ode to represent the Pisces Full Moon: "The inevitable moment arrived. The stars whispered that they were perfectly aligned. They told her she had spent way too long on the ground and it was time to fly. She could feel the earth pulled her down and she begged it to release her, not realising she herself chained her heart to the ground. She was tired of not being able to rise to her feet. She could not bare the thought of staying there stuck forever. The Sun was calling for her to finally let go of the weight of what she was carrying deep in her heart. She stubbornly resisted it for so long, thinking she is strong. She thought it would be harder to confront the pain inside than it was to sleep in darkness. So she gave up on her hopes to fly in the sunlight and with that, she hid away her wings. But something was changing. She now felt its force holding her back like never before. She could not push forward anymore with it stored inside her. She realised she had become too used to the weight, almost forgetting it was there. Thankfully, her soul reminded her of its existence and of her deep yearning to fly. As she allowed herself to dream, the fear of not ever flying began to outweigh her fear of confronting her sadness. In that moment, she recognised that she had been running from darkness, not realising within it, she would finally see the light. The moon, now in its full power, compelled her to allow her sadness, fears and negative assumptions to rise up. The sun begged her to let go of living in the shadows and finally step into the light of the life-giving sun. She knew she had no choice now but to stop ignoring her doubts, her sadness, her deep pain. It was time to drop the cloak of fear and turn and face the truth of her soul. 

So she called on sacred waters to cleans her of the mud that had her mind murky. She finally called on the air to give the pain space to breathe. She breathed the sacred air into the depth of her despair and allowed it to clear out the darkness. She allowed herself to surrender to the emotional storm-a moment that would transform her life. 

She finally released the river of energy that was drowning her power. She let the fire of emotion burn the pain out of her like a fever driving out disease. She accepted its presence and let tears stream out of her. She looked up into the sky and called on the winds to carry away her tears with the passing clouds. 

She lovingly cradled her sadness and fears as she wished them farewell. She ushered them out of the darkness and into the light. And there before her, they magically dissolved. The light of love evaporated them to reveal brilliant blue skies. 

And just like that....she was reborn anew. Just like that, the sadness lifted, she unchained her heart and finally began to rise gracefully out of the depths of darkness and transcend into the light. It did not happen overnight but her rebirth was magnificent. She magically unfurled her wings and permitted herself to begIn to fly." - ends Final message: The ability to live a magical existence unfolds as you learn to be present to your body. That happens when you make your internal experience a priority over your external one. Now is the time to commit to your personal and professional empowerment by releasing trapped tension and sadness and engaging and expressing unrecognised emotions that are stored in your tissue and cells. 

This process of release and transmutation sets the perfect foundation for you to live an authentic and fulfilling life according to your soul rather than building a life you think you're supposed to according to outmoded judgements and beliefs.  If you feel you would benefit from support through your personal spiritual transformation, connect with me via the details below.

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