About the Jan 31st Rare Celestial Lineup and how to Make the most of the Force

There’s a cosmic lineup tomorrow unlike anything in the last 150 years. Full Moon (100% illumination of face of the moon), Lunar Eclipse (alignment of earth, sun and moon), Super Moon (large full moon), Blood Moon (total lunar eclipses) and Rare Blue Moon (extra full moon of a month) are all happening together! Everyone experiences these celestial emanations differently but here are some ways of understanding and aligning energetically with this event: 1. Open Your Heart: prepare for unconscious energy to be dragged into your awareness. Encourage bottled up emotional energy from the past to rise and be released and cleared. This spedial lunar tide can help us be un-repressed, allowing ourselves to feel and experience intensely, not fearing emotions and letting ourselves and our loved ones safely express their feelings without judgements. This is a powerful time to let go and bring everything back to love. . . 2. Go Inwards: Transcend the judgement of good bad right wrong and meditate on the unification and integration of everything and visualise all that is as one orb of light. Drop into your heart and choose to see all beings in the universe through the lens of love as part of your expanded consciousness. . . 3. Send Loving Blessings: This rare event offers us an opportunity to send powerful intentional blessings to each other and to earth as a whole in a way that’s amplified by the magnetic influences. Bless the water, the earth, the air, the fire, the wind. Bless all beings and the plant kingdom and remember to bless yourself also. . . 4. Be Intensely Grateful: Sacred Synchronous moments like this remind us of the mysterious magnificence of all of creation and call us to move deeper into our hearts to be more acutely aware of the wonderful universe! Be deeply grateful. Write out a list of things you are deeply grateful for! Give thanks for it all. Everything is serving your soul’s evolution. Feel the gratitude filling your being. . . 5. Invite in Love for Healing: The Blood Moon can make us aware of buried feelings of sadness and offers is a chance to return to love for healing. Any trauma, pain or sorrow is brought into light so that we can take required steps for healing. Go for a relaxing healing session for spiritual rejuvination, forgiveness, re-energisation and unconditional love from the Higher Self. Breathe gently and feel positive energy or light entering each cell of your body and each corner of your aura to deeply heal from within. ERYKA STANTON www.empoweredliving.com.au 


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