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Global Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Psychic, Author,
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Learn how to clear blocks, disrupt negativity, conditioning and fears so that you can truly thrive. You will be guided to reintegrate parts of the soul affected by past traumatic events, freeing you to expand your consciousness and discover your soul's authentic path and purpose. With more than 15 years experience in this field, I have personally guided thousands globally to experience quantum shifts in their inner and outer lives. My approach is grounded, practical and rooted in both mysticism and science. My passion is in helping you better relate to yourself and the world in a way that will help you experience true joy, inner freedom and wholeness. I blend the use of Western mind-body energetics with Eastern spiritual technologies to empower you to create more harmonious relationships with yourself, others and the world around you. By committing to work on yourself you can expect to be guided to experience:

-  Deeper self awareness and control of your thoughts and emotions

- Release outmoded ways of being and thinking

- Experience a greater alignment between body, mind, heart and soul

-Release blocks to self worth, intuition, confidence, joy and fulfilment

- Be guided to awaken, heal and evolve from the inside out


Through Empowered Living, I offer unique guidance, coaching, training, workshops and events aimed at supporting your personal growth and spiritual development journey. I have trademarked my own soul-based coaching method called CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® that has proved to be a potent and powerful heart-centre approach to transformation worldwide. I train people globally to master this coaching method via my training collage - the Academy of Soul Empowerment. My services and sessions are designed to connect you to your innate power fast so you can make more empowered decisions from a place of inner truth, integrity and wisdom, rather than habit, limitations or fear. 



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Developed by Eryka Stanton 


If you’re like most people, you have been programmed to respond from your 'role' of your ego rather than the truth of your soul. But imagine living fully empowered and connected, while expressing passion, inspiration and love in all areas of your life. Imagine is if you discovered that who you have come to believe is you is just a false self working through your ego.


What if all of the things in your life that don’t work, create stress, pain, struggle, and self sabotage came from a part of you that was not the real you? What if all you had to do was become aware of this simple but powerful error in perception to create a reality of joy, peace and fulfilment not known in this other false identity you incorrectly believe is you. What if you could create a life free of fear, stress, and unnecessary struggle with money, relationships, and any part of your life that feels unlucky or broken?


You may believe that a life like this is possible, but find it difficult to step through your fears and see beyond the current belief system that is keeping you stuck. Many people have beliefs that support their fears — not their dreams — and think these beliefs are the truth of their life.  I wish to show you that your current pain and challenges in life are the gateway that will lead to your healing and freedom.

The teachings and techniques offered in these Transformative Soul Coaching Sessions will help you identify and transform your unconscious inner negative influences of your ego. This program will guide you through the journey of stepping out of the shadow of your ego and stepping into the light of your soul by remembering and living from your True Self which is a place of love.

You will learn what you can do to free yourself from the reoccurring negative thoughts, emotions and energy patterns that limit your consciousness. Finally, with new clarity and wisdom this program opens the door to the new, yet old truth of your True Self.



Nora, Egypt

"To this very moment, I have not met Eryka in person, yet her wisdom and guidance has changed my life dramatically. She managed to breakthrough decades of victim mentality /beliefs that held me captive of my own illusions about myself and the world. If it was not for Eryka, I would probably be still letting life happen to me, believing that I
had no say over it."

Martine, Australia

"I first saw Eryka with the intention to attract a partner into my life, what I got was so much more.. she helped me completely transform my life in all areas including work & work life balance, finance, family, personal relationships and yes, I did meet my ideal partner… and it was an easy, exciting and liberating journey. Eryka has a gift and I could not recommend her highly enough."

Kim, California

"Throughout our time together she challenged me to think of things differently, ease up on the demands I give to myself and always told me the honest truths even when they were hard to hear. I still hear her voice in my head today when I find myself slipping into old habits. If you are looking for a supportive, honest, coach to take you to the next level in your thinking and life I highly recommend Eryka. She is a gem!

soulful connections are sacred 💜💜💜Bea
🧡You can’t be both spiritual and angry
_When you have become a home for yoursel

Eryka is well known globally for her ability to isolate and clear the ROOT CAUSE of what is holding you back in life. She is a spiritually connected coach that works intuitively to guide you to your desired goal. Eryka is dedicated to helping you become PERSONALLY EMPOWERED at a SOUL LEVEL by offering specialised spiritual coaching in person in Melbourne and globally. She designs personalised healing and empowerment programs that ENHANCE AND TRANSFORM lives. She blends a variety of specialised and holistic tools to address ALL aspects of SELF: the body, the mind, the emotions, and energetic anatomy/spirit. This is very different to traditional Life Coaching.



 Across all aspects of life, the key to success lies in your ability to live from your heart-centred AUTHENTIC SELF. When we heal and transform our relationship with ourselves, we awaken to our true strength + become an inspirational force in the world. This level of empowerment demands the integration of deep self-knowledge, inner awareness, clear intention, fearless truth, unconditional LOVE and COMPASSION. 

By taking this journey you can expect to: 


  • Develop SELF-LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, self-compassion and SELF-ESTEEM

  • Be more connected to yourself and be confident being who you AUTHENTICALLY are inside

  • Genuinely increase YOUR VIBRATION and ability to MANIFEST

  • Improve ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE including relationship to yourself, others and the world

  • Overcome fears, dissolve limitations and STOP THE CYCLE of struggle and anxiety

  • Be IN CONTROL of your thoughts and emotions 

  • Experiencing a sense of lasting contentment, ABUNDANCE and GRATITUDE

  • Heal your heart, forgive and LET GO and FEEL JOYFUL

  • Connect to your LIFE PURPOSE and feel inspired every day

  • Stop the self undoing and self-sabotage and create a life that YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE.


Eryka is not a standard Life Coach - she specialises in helping you mange your thoughts and emotions, clear negative old imprints that are unconsciously binding your power. Her philosophy is strongly anchored in the belief that 'You do not need to 'change' to become better, you merely need to be shown how to open yourself to allow your true essence and strength to rise to the surface' Eryka will help you locate the ROOT CAUSE of what is keeping you from being your true SOUL EMPOWERED self.




CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING®  is a soul-based holistic life coaching method that educates you to become your own COACH + HEALER. It will help you to explore and discover you own healing, insights and direction by helping you expand your sense of inner and outer conscious awareness. It seeks to bring you into a harmonious relationship with your everyday life, your past and with your true INNER DIVINE SELF. You will experience this by expanding your consciousness beyond ego and personality. This allows you to see and relate to your experiences in a more meaningful and accurate context. You will shift from a place of fear, pain, suffering and disempowerment to a place of clarity, strength, truth and freedom.


Soul-based CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® differs to coaching at a personality, ego level that most coaching and traditional therapy is pitched at. Think of it as advanced spiritual guidance. If you want deep and PERMANENT transformation that will radically SHIFT you to a higher consciousness and an EXPANDED awareness of who you are- this is it.


Our holistic services are designed to be an adventure of SELF-DISCOVERY; you will gain a new perspective to your problems and see solutions you could not see before. You will learn tools and strategies that will help you improve your life and uncover how to make better decisions by empowering you to achieve your soul-based goals.  We are one of few services in Melbourne and the rest of the world that offer an integrative approach to holistic life coaching


Eryka's grounded yet powerful coaching will offer you life long value and insight .
Her services are designed to assist you with building confidence and self-esteem, as well as provide effective relationship coaching and counselling to people world-wide.


People who have committed to coaching have reported experiencing:



  • A much better relationship with themselves

  • Greater self-awareness and spiritual connection

  • More compassion towards self and others

  • Deeper and healthier relationships with others

  • More passionate  & inspired

  • Less stress, fear & more energy

  • Reduced anger, more control and calmness

  • Better health and an improved wellbeing

  • Ability to live in the present and enjoy life

  • Happiness, health and optimism with a clear goal, plan and direction.


Annabel, Australia

The universe brought me specifically to you and you did something no one has ever done for me before: you gave me a road map for a more successful journey. I know one day I will look back and point to our session today and the guidance you provided to me as a massive catalyst for change in my life. On the days when you question why you do what it is that you do, please know that you are changing and impacting lives for the better, one soul at time and this previously tired and frustrated soul feels lighter and more purposeful thanks to your divine gift. Wishing you blessings always (because that is what you truly deserve)."

Tony, Australia

When I first met Eryka I was physically and emotionally broke. After working with her for about 6 months I released 70kgs of fat, left an extremely unhappy marriage, took my business from almost closing it down to an incredibly thriving enterprise that now provides employment opportunities for 4 other people apart from myself, met the love of my life, helped me foster beautiful connections with my children like never before and helped me to become a whole person again. I had tried many life coaches and therapist before I met Eryka. Where she excels is in her genuine care to help and to provide tools to make you self-sufficient. I have no hesitation in recommending Eryka to anyone who has a sincere want to change their lives for the better regardless of whatever it is you want to achieve."

Amanda, Australia

"I was tired of living my life hiding behind the walls I had built up around myself. I was ready to break free. I started my journey of growth and empowerment with her 8 months ago and have never looked back. She has helped me overcome self esteem issues, given me clarity in my career, imparted her unique wisdom so I can look at my life from new perspectives, and given me life long strategies that have freed me from the heaviness I felt in my soul before I met her. She challenges you to break down your walls, allows you to be 100% yourself without judgement, and helps you explore and confront life's challenges in a safe environment.  I always walk away from our sessions feeling inspired to create lasting change in my life and let go of my fears. She is a rare diamond who shines bright in the lives of all those she touches and I will always be grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life. I cannot express how much I recommend working with her"Amanda. B. AUS