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Eryka was born with intuitive and psychic ability which she now uses to help you CREATE your future rather than just tell you your future. Her readings read you at a mental, emotional and energetic level, therefore act as blueprints to your personal and spiritual growth, Your hour together will also offer you a Intuitive overall health and well-being scan.

Eryka works clairvoyantly so you will not see any cards sitting on her desk, nor does she employ any occult methods to connect spiritually. She has however developed her own unique method of Psychic transmission that involves drawing out her clients' energy anatomy and outlining in detail what is influencing you at both a conscious and unconscious level.



Readings can be completed by distance, over the phone or in person. Available worldwide.

Eryka conducts detailed PRE-READINGS just from the energy of your name so she will have your reading ready BEFORE you connect in person.  This way she can ensure she is in no way influenced by her client's energy and can offer you the most truest and purest of messages from a spiritual plane that is for your highest good.


During these profound 1hr reading you will be guided to take a journey deep into your soul through your energetic body and will be offered very deep and detailed information regarding your health, career, finances, family and all aspects of life. You will be informed on how to clear and heal blockages to make way for exciting new energy in your life.


Information about what is influencing you on every level of your being - emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually, will be provided.


>> Clear and Practical guidance guaranteed.

>> Improve every aspect of your life.


Readings can be completed by distance, over the phone or in person. Available worldwide.


Client Reviews


"I am in awe of this lady's gift! She had everything outlined about me on paper before I even walked through the door. I am baffled by how she knew such personal details about me and my life that I have not shared with others. Eryka has helped me immensely. Words cannot descibe how grateful I truly am for helping me truly forgive. Thank you, you are an angel."
Cristy. A, Melbourne




"Wow, I never expected this! I have been to so many Psychic readers but this has been the best experience by far and this was by Skype! It makes all other readers look very generic in comparison. Eryka was so accurate it still blows my mind. I have played the recording over and over and shard it with my family and they are in disbelief. More important;y, Eryka helped me get to the bottom of my health issue that has seriously changed my life. I am speechless and forever grateful."
Daniel. G, Canada



"It was like Eryka could see right into my soul and made me confront things that I didn't want to face within myself. This reading has surpased my expectations and has been the best money I have ever spent on myself in a long time. I am a sceptic but she has convinced me of her gifts purely because she pin-pointed information that was impossible for her to know. I am amazed she could read me from afar. She has helped me get back on track in my thinking and life path. Eryka you are special. I will be booking my firends in soon!"
Jackie. A, California



"She knew my mother had passed away before I even introduced myself and offered me a message from her in the first 5 minutes. I was not expecting that! I was blow away as soon as we got talking. After so much time looking for answers to do with my my overall health, I was finally given answers by this incredible lady. Such specifics! She succinctly outlined everything I needed to know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Eryka."
Sara. V, Melbourne


"You are one of the best and most humble readers Eryka. I have had dozens of readings over the years but my time with you has indeed blown me away. The specific details you shared are incredible. My husband heard the recording and you even shocked him and that is a shock as he is a sceptic. You are without doubt gifted, and I am amazed you could pick up so much so far away and before we even connected online! Thank you for your spiritual guidance also. I needed to get back on path. Blessed be."
Belinda. A, Aukland, NZ



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