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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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Spiritual Slaps are SIGNS that the Universe is Course Correcting You

Do you feel like the universe is slapping you around sometimes? Do you sometimes wonder why so many things are seemingly going haywire in your life? Do you feel 'unlucky' or feel you may even be 'cursed' because there's drama in your life? Keep reading and you will finally make sense of it all...

Humans are tremendously stubborn creatures. We have a great tendency to neglect our soul's truth and persist along a path even when it's causing us pain. We have mostly fixed mentalities and sometimes hold on too tightly to beliefs, people or things that do not serve us. Ego, the great deceiver, often misguides us along our soul's journey and we end up losing our way in a maze of illusions and distortions. Thankfully however, the universe is brilliantly equipped with a built-in realignment protocol to alert us when we are NOT on path according to divine design. How genius is that!? 

The universe is a master of arranging signs, synchronisities and situations to catalyse spiritual change and ensure you fulfil your divine purpose -even when you're digging your heels in!

There are no mistakes or meaningless coincidences in the cosmos. Everything happens by divine design! It's not an exaggeration or a hippie philosophy- It's quantum physics. Science has proven that the universal law of cause and effect is encoded in our very existence. Yet we stubbornly continue to turn a blind eye to the synchronistic signs that appear in our life- even when they smack us square in the face! I happen to know precisely what that feels like...

I started my year with a metal shelf literally smashing me in the third eye! It seriously hurt and I totally embodied the 'poor me' mentality for a while, but upon reflection, I quickly realised that it served to realign me to my truth.

I was being very cheeky at the time. I was dishonouring my soul because I was resisting my medium abilities and willing them away. I was burdened by insights at times and just wanted to switch it off! I dropped out of being grateful and forgot how truly blessed I was to have an ability to help others. I was stuck in fear and started to selfishly want out. I was consciously planning to stop offering readings in the new year. Then on New Year's Eve afternoon, I visited a retail store right after completing a reading when SMACK BANG ...I received a big spiritual slap from the universe! 2016 literally went out with a 'BANG', and it was not the kind I had in mind! Boy did I get the lesson loud and clear!! I needed that to wake me up out of the ego trap that was consuming me, and I sooner realised I needed to stop blocking my psychic flow. Course Corrected! 

Spiritual slaps may seem scary, but they are sacred course correctors that serve to keep you on path. You invite them into your life when you ignore your intuitive insights, dismiss your inner compass and robotically preference your ego's so called 'rational thinking' over the spiritual intelligence of your soul. 

These events are cosmic awakeners that bump you out of the hynotic ego state so you recognise where you are violating your truth and stepping out of line spiritually. So when did you last get your serve?

Spiritual slaps take many forms. Generally they present in the form of unwanted circumstances and events. Some are harsher than others. It all depends on how much hold your ego has over you! If you're truly tuned out, stubborn, resistant or not aligned, you're cruising for a bruising! As they say, God throws a pebble, then a stone, then a brick! Basically if you're not inwardly tuned in, you will miss the signs that are continually appearing in your life and you may keep attracting challenges until you 'get it'. 

Here are some examples of spiritual slaps that serve as powerful course correctors:

  • Repetitive mistakes

  • Frequent injuries

  • Confronting many obstacles

  • Incessant Nightmares 

  • Close calls and accidents

  • Unexpected challenges

  • Uneasy gut feelings

  • Repetitive Arguments 

  • Reoccurring Illnesses

  • Intense Headaches

  • Stubborn Joint pains

  • Dropping and breaking things

So now you're not cursed! These events are blessings in disguise. So look deeper into yourself and you will unlock their hidden meaning and extract the soul lessons they carry.We should be deeply grateful we have a built in cosmic GPS that accurately guides our spiritual path. Our inner NavMan ensures we fulfill our soul's contracts in this incarnation. The sacred maps of our destiny are wired into our cellular blueprint at both a personal and collective level. It's designed to help us navigate the energetic terrain of our 3D existence so we stay 'on course' but often we humanly deviate, rebel and allow our lower mind to pull us off track.You're not cursed, you're simply being spiritually slapped by the universe to help you recalibrate! These events alert you that your vibrational frequency is plummeting because you're not honouring your soul's truth in some way. You will magnatise more of the same until you create a shift in your consciousness. Ask yourself 'What am I resisting, denying or forcing?', 'How is fear holding me from aligning to my truth?'.

Usually these course correctors appear in your life either before you're about to make an important life changing decision, or just after you have made one. You will also be guided along the way by soul companions or karmic mates. 

You may have meaningful conversations, epiphanises, insightful or revelationary dreams. One thing is for sure- you will without a doubt be given signs to validate you are ON PATH. 

Signs and synchronicities will help you integrate the soul lesson so you can neutralise the energetic dynamic influencing your life. Stay open minded but do not become obsessed in trying to decode everything. 

My advice is to simply go inwards and tune in to hear the silent, yet powerful messeges that rise from your soul. Pay attention to reoccurring conversations, thoughts and dreams. You will know you're realigned because you will sense a lightness sweep in. You will feel elevated or inspired in some way to create change or make a new decision. It will feel right in your mind, body and soul. 

Make time to sit in stillness and enquire what you need to learn from the situation. Meditate, journal. Have a salt bath. Make a commitment to honour the guidance that comes through by taking inspired action. Whatever is required of you, will reveal itself.So although at times the occasional spiritual slap is exactly what your soul ordered, prevention is the best medicine. 

You can avoid getting off course by consciously tuning into your interior self daily. Keep a soul journal. Be willing to examine and challenge your decisions to ensure you're not caught in an ego trap. Trust your intuition and stay in FLOW. If you do this you will avoid those slaps and enjoy the blessings of being in touch, intune and in line with your deepest truth and spiritual mission.


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