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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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Many will soon be celebrating Easter and although the Easter eggs are a great incentive to get into it, beneath the superficial commercialism lies potent esoteric wisdom.  

Regardless of your faith system, a committed spiritual seeker has much to learn from this significant ancient celebration. The crucifixion of Jesus allegorically has so much to offer all in their mission towards embodying divine consciousness. 

I grew up Orthodox Christian but the seeker led me on a winding journey to explore most faith systems. I value that learning so much now. It was a time of many questions, much confusion and magnificent realisations. 

It was nothing short of life-changing but more importantly, it was soul awakening and tremendously instrumental in equipping me with a small resource of understanding to enable me to serve as a spiritual guide in a much more grounded and universal way. The beauty of comparative religious and philosophical teachings is that it offers you such an incredible insight into the core practical teachings of world faith systems that are often overlooked. 

I was open-minded and thirsty to know more, dig deep and find my spiritual base. This led to many trials and errors of various practices until I found a spiritual home that resonated with my soul that would offer me the necessary scaffolding to allow me to truly spiritually evolve.

After a long winding road, I returned to look within and come to understand things from a much deeper and broader perspective. I saw the interconnectedness of beliefs and specifically learnt to appreciate what true spirituality is about. 

I also realised that there are many pathways up a mountain but if you keep searching for a path then you’re never truly climbing the mountain-you’re just skipping around it. I spent years spiritually ‘free-floating’ amongst other wandering souls. This was a time of spiritual exploration that was quite dangerous spiritually speaking. I was vulnerable to believing in things that made me compromise myself energetically and I was the perfect candidate for many practitioners that took advantage of my fears.

Over time, I learnt to really appreciate the sacredness surrounding various mythologies, creationist stories and historical events but one particular event really seeped into my cells and that was the story of Jesus' transfiguration, crucifixion and resurrection. No matter what your faith system or beliefs the crucifixion is something each spiritually awakened person must metaphorically endure in their inner and outer world in order to let go of our shadows, our pride, our ego, our greed, our need to be accepted. We must stand solid in our faith and LIGHT. We must not allow the world to frighten us into giving in and relinquishing our true selves. We are also reminded that our true self is not our flesh but our SOUL. The trials and tribulations of Jesus' life are a clear representation of the inner battle that is forever playing out in our consciousness. There will be tests of whether we are willing to sell our soul to the 'devil' so to speak. We are constantly challenged by our ego, by the incessant voice of FEAR -that great deceiver that holds us hostage to lower stares of consciousness. 

It is not easy to stand firm in our light when we are in so much struggle and pain. It is not easy to break free from the bondage of ego impulses and attachments that keep us entrapped in limited living. It is not easy to break free from our survival conditioning and rebel against the standards imposed upon us by the world. It takes spiritual COURAGE to stand firm in the face of judgement and be willing to withstand the forces of fear. Well there’s no other spiritual figure in history that more perfectly represents spiritual REBELLION than Jesus. 

He highlighted how the religion of the time was misguiding people. He didn’t come to start another religion but awaken in the hearts of people the reality that love is the answer-not fear.

He catalysed a spiritual revolution unlike any other all because he introduced people to the concept that heaven is inside you-God is inside you and accessed through your heart. 

Many on the path know that with true spiritual metamorphosis comes a change of heart and mind and life choices. You will be judged and mocked and metaphorically crucified for being true to your soul and turning away from the societal expectations and mass consciousness. 

It is not easy mastering our MIND so that we do not allow it to keep us trapped in a lower state of being. We are bombarded by temptations and we are constantly fighting off our inner demons in order to evolve and survive on earth.

The reality is however that the ego is fighting for our physical survival and our soul serves our spiritual survival. We must recognise that there little value in gaining the world but losing our soul. 

Our spiritual survival and salvation from the trappings of ego should be our utmost priority. The world may hurt our physical being but that cannot strip us of our soul unless we permit it.  The story of Jesus's crucifixion, and subsequent resurrection, has gifted the world with a whole other dimension of strength, endurance and faith, especially as it relates to our own lives. 

As he was beaten and bled, he had nothing but love and forgiveness for his perpetrators. He never allowed the dark energy of anger, hate, fear, pride or ego to possess and disempower him. He had only COMPASSION, understanding and LOVE! 

He saw through the ego ways of limited humanness and chose only to pray for their ignorance. 

He kept the FAITH and never sold his soul to the inner shadows of the ego to hold onto his physical life! He modelled for humanity that we too are capable of compassion and UNCONDITIONAL love in the highest order. We too are CAPABLE of spiritual transformation and enLIGHTENMENT. 

He showed us that the direct pathway to heaven was through the heart. That Heaven or Nirvana is a place within you-a state of consciousness, a way of life that is aligned to living only through the Lens of Love.  In fact it is our soul’s encoded DIVINE PURPOSE and DESTINY. But why don't we choose to really activate this potential!? It's ironic because we are all POWER HUNGRY and thirsty for JOY AND PEACE yet we look in all the WRONG places to realise this. 

We have been manipulated and conditioned to believe we are stronger sitting in fear, anger, hate and defensiveness. We have been manipulated out of believing that we are SPIRITUALLY POWERFUL. There is a cosmic agenda of suppression keeping us trapped in a limited consciousness which we must personally rebel against. I cannot help but be moved by the idea that this man, who offered nothing but love and compassionate wisdom, could be treated so horrifically. But alas this is merely a reflection of what we reduce ourselves to when our ego has a hold over us. It highlighted how asleep we are as a humanity in our consciousness. How ruled and regulated by patterns and prejudices.

So find strength in that when you are being judged, accused, treated horribly and unjustly-for even this perfect being couldn't have everyone love him and respect him, so how can we expect to experience any better? 

As good as we are, we will not always be treated justly or valued or liked or loved. We must not allow this however to give us reason to project the same back at others, because then, we perpetuate more of the same. 

We must instead choose to RISE above it all and see into people's hearts, see that they are wounded and possessed with fear, and cure it, if only a little, by showing love, by offering understanding and standing firm in being our true selves instead of being triggered to mirror other's fear and hate. 

Personally speaking, the crucifixion is the pinnacle representation of crucifying our lower self, our ego. It is the most powerful example upon the earth of how we too can DELETE fear BY LOVE ALONE. 

Every day is a new death and new beginning. Every time we learn something new and show up in a new way, a part of ego sheds and a new you emerges.

This event is powerful inspiration that reminds us that when we CROSS OUT OUR EGO / FEAR, and surrender to a greater power with love and faith, we ignite the HOLY flame of our soul and in doing so, we TRANSCEND. 

The point is to not lose your true selves in order to exist in the world and be approved of by the world. With this power our can transcend our lower selves and be spiritually reborn. And with this REBIRTH we are SOUL EMPOWERED instead of ego- empowered. It is a very true account of the inner and outer warfare that your soul must go through in order to overcome the workings of our lower self. Jesus's final surrender has to be the most powerful example of what we are inherently capable of enduring if we allow our faith and soul to lead. Yes we will be judged, yes you will feel weak, yes you will hurt in shedding the layers and layers of ego, but after the hurt will come the RESURRECTION. AND JUST LIKE THE PHOENIX RISING, you will be stronger and more empowered than ever before. 

Your power will come from INSIDE your HEART this time however-not from your ego or world power. Your strength and fuel will be other worldly. This weekend, Christian or not, let's appreciate the power of love that overthrew fear in the world. Let’s celebrate how there are people having metaphorical experiences of crucifixions and resurrections all over the world right now. 

Overall, stand strong in your spiritual mission to transcend mass consciousness and elevate your hearts and minds to allow a greater force to lead you. And so you see, this story is not Christian. It is universal, and its truth is entwined in our SOUL. I am passionate about this space and it has become the basis of my life and my work and the deeper I come to understand our human potential, the more passionate and committed I am about helping myself and others fully realise it, and walk in the footsteps of people like Jesus, who ultimately came to reveal a sacred power that lies within the boundaries of our own hearts. 

Wishing all a blessed Easter. Wishing all beings peace, love and the transcendence of duality and immersion into Eternal infinite oneness. 

E R Y K A. S T A N T O N 



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