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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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The events that are unfolding around the world are horrific but the good news is that they are snapping us out of our soulless, materialistic culture and awakening us to the deeper meaning to our existence. The fear is slowly awakening us to the power and magic of now!

The reality is we only have this moment and this moment is gone within a second. The breath is the only thing that anchors us to experiencing the miracle of every single moment, yet we pay little or no attention to it. We take it for granted.

You cannot breathe in the future or the past. If you watch your breath you are always aware of the present moment. And only in the present moment can you awaken to the reality of existence. Only in the present moment can you experience the magic of life as it really is. The present moment is all that ever exists and it is so magnificent..why would you want to miss it?

As I walked along the street today I noticed my breath and I was so aware of my existence, of my body, of my impermanence. I was so acutely aware of everything around me. Every smell, colour, sound was enhanced. Every leaf and rock and the clouds were so magical to me. I was filled with so much awe and joy. Everything was amplified. I felt so alive and full of life. I was so immeasurably grateful for this opportunity to walk upon this earth, knowing one day I will no longer. Then snap, phone rang and off I was back into work and deadline mode.

Caught in the web of time we humanly struggle to be present in the moment. We practice awareness of the now momentarily and when we do it is bliss, absolute heaven. In that moment the ego takes a break and we awaken to our divine nature. This is also the truth of love, because it is only in the state of love that we stop the clock. This reminds me of what Rumi wrote: Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of love. When we do this, we recognise that time is indeed an illusion. Time stands still and we feel that that love stretches for an eternity. And it does because love interrupts the human program and we sneak a peek into the true nature of our infinite consciousness.

Yet even though we know love has the the power to tune is into the magic of presence, we continue to hurry through our days, continuing to be slaves to time that actually does nothing to serve our souls.

We are so disconnected from our deeper rhythms of our being. We have stopped believing that our life, our heartbeat, our thoughts and emotions can be in tune with the movement of the stars as well as the seasons. The ancients understood our cosmic connection and they monitored the heavens for celestial events, understanding the influence they bared on our nature. Yet these days we are mechanistic humans that have abandoned the reality of our own organic nature. We are not above nature, we are nature in a different form.

Yet despite all the supposed advancements in knowledge and freed up time thanks to technology, we struggle to live in the moment, and need spiritual practices or teachings to be able to present in life. Truth is however, that at any moment of possible transformation there are forces that try to hinder or prevent any real change. We experience this all the time and experience it when our own negative patterns try to keep us imprisoned, when the darkness within us tries to stop any real shift in consciousness.

The darkness does not want the light, our lower nature tries to keep us in its grip. Likewise, the forces of corporate materialism and greed that dominate our world do not want any change that would limit their power. They poison our minds, souls and our planet with the images of terror, materialism, with brand-names and advertising, keeping us asleep, making it more and more difficult for us to wake up to the now.

We need to shift our focus. We need to snap out of the hypnotic effect of the media and we need to preserve our energy so we can be truly awake. We need the power of our soul to help us be attentive and not be caught in the web of fear that is bleeding across the globe. I believe what is happening right now is crucial for our collective evolution but if we stay asleep and in fear we will we miss this sacred opportunity to create a real global shift.

Each of us must make an effort to stay in our hearts, connect to our souls and make every moment count. We must choose love in every moment and choose to be fully present and alive and deeply grateful for this opportunity to exist at this time. We must channel the wisdom of our ancestors and be tuned in to read the mystical signs and find the strength to remain in our hearts, in the here and now and experience the magic and mystery of this very moment.


A passionate teacher, author, coach, a modern psychic, healer and soultreupreneur, Eryka is genuinely passionate about helping people experience inner and outer transformations that empowers their soul.

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