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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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We often talk about learning how to give and receive love but L O V E cannot be given nor received. Love can only be joined into because love is a constant. We can express kindness and gratitude and joy which are all manifestations of love but we cannot give or receive it. I liken it to the idea that we cannot give and receive energy; we can act out in ways that allows the flow of energy or we can behave in a way that interrupts the natural state of all that is. Likewise, Love is THE creative energy of life itself that sustains all of existence. It is present in us, and in all. It is all that is goodness, truth and life. It is the universal force of all that is. It is us.

Love is universal truth. It is the default. It is also therefore the essence of our being. Therefore it is not something that can end, be destroyed or run dry. It is not something we can learn to master or miss out on. It is an infinite energetic force that we accept as the constant state of all things, and therefore organically HARMONISE to it, or it is a force we INTERRUPT and fall out of alignment with. It's that simple really.

The only thing that interrupts our joining into love moment to moment is our ego's self-serving desires. Our passion towards fulfilling our ego's need for constant and instant gratification at a material level creates chaos in the flow of the force of love. It grossly interrupts the inherent balance of cosmic order and reorganises energy in a way that creates disease in the filament of life.

Our "what's in it for me" attitude temporarily disrupts the sacred program that keeps the universe in ecstatic motion and in holy order. What we are starting to awaken to, is the realisation that the world's value system is quite the opposite from that which runs the universe. We are not in harmony with the number one universal law that binds creation.

Our illusion of separation and idea we need to do or be something in order to gain love energises our ego to develop a diseased "grab all you can, with both hands and run" mindset. This acts as a glitch in the sacred code that distorts our consciousness and twists our minds into holding on too tightly to the physical.

The ego has lied to us all along. It is the great deceiver. As we incarnated into the physical, we slipped through a veil of forgetfulness that we are a divine expression of love. Our temporal ego works 24/7 for our physical survival but untrained, it does nothing for our spiritual survival. The ego has us under a hypnotic waking sleep effect that has us convinced that the physical is all there is to our existence, so naturally you want to hoard it all. But that is the mother of all ego traps. It is the grand deception and the mothership that births all our shadow qualities.

Ego is our inner master illusionist! Our collective ego consciousness has us unconsciously programmed to automatically opt in to interrupting Love for the sake of physical survival. The irony is that everything we aspire to possess, achieve or become is fuelled by the lie that we are not love, that somehow we are separate to Love. It is this false idea that has us humans operating from a lower mind consciousness and like an autoimmune virus, infects our potential for ultimate enlightenment.

Waking up to the TRUTH is what liberates the soul to lead once again and allows us to come back into harmony and join into the omnipotence and omnipresence of love. Accepting as our personal truth hat we are not separate from Love and that Love is the holy thread that unifies our innate sacred souls, is what has the power to heal the entire world. It alone will interrupt ego on a mass scale and allow us to cultivate a deeper connection with universal truth, goodness and beauty once more.

A parable that I believe perfectly illustrates our soul’s sacred journey is a story in the Bible about a grain of wheat that must fall into the earth and die because if it does not it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. This is followed by “He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life" (John 12:24-25).

I connect deeply to that story. This is so profound in illustrating to us that the selfish insatiability of the ego must die in order for us to truly bloom. In other words, if we seek only to gratify our own self-centered needs of the 5 senses, we do not connect with the potential of our soul. It brilliantly teaches that if we are to awaken and activate our true spiritual potential we must be willing to:

  1. Release our attachments to the material

  2. Surrender the fear of physical death so that we can transcend ego and activate soul consciousness

  3. Realise that surrendering our ego allows us to reach our innate spiritual potential

  4. Accept our nature as the created that must go on to create

  5. See ourselves as part of an interconnected web of infinite sacred creation

The idea that Love is where we come from and where we return to is beautiful but I believe it keeps alive the idea that we somehow disconnected from Love and this alone keeps ego alive and hungry for more. In other words, when we accept that Love is all there is, and we integrate this as a deep cellular knowing in body, soul and spirit, we are liberated from the samsara of suffering. We are finally free to own and align to the force of Love and simply do nothing more than BE it- Live our Truth.

In order to awaken to this inner knowing, we must get our values straight! Love invites us to review our inner value system so we can allow us to more consciously align our lives to that which is our inner truth. We must review our inner world and take on the principle of dying in order to live to steer us in reorganising our life choices and make us review our ego attachments so that truth , love and light can reign.

In order to attain high spiritual maturity we must slowly train the ego to surrender the self-serving patterns and addictions that are born of illusion. Spiritually speaking, we must aim to become more self-giving instead of self-seeking. By honouring all of existence and creation with nothing but Love, we allow ourselves to join into the celebration of creation and the miracle of existence.

We need to review our involvement in various ego based world system which have their priorities so badly messed up that it forces us to disconnect from this state of inner awe – it is awe and wonder that acts as a gateway to higher consciousness.

What we learn from the grain of wheat is that we too must be willing to favour our spiritual survival by letting go of our perceived needs and desires and be brave enough to willingly and lovingly pour ourselves spiritually into this world so we too can bring forth multiplied life in Love.

In practical terms, that requires us to consider our actions and choices, our plans and ambitions for worldly success and approval. We need to explore if in living out our lives we are showing little or no regard for others. In other words are you winning by hurting others and trying to compete against humanity to survive as we have been programmed?

Spiritually, if we are to become still and centred in Love, we would instead choose to win by losing or see that gaining is only achieved though giving and ultimately from a spiritual perspective, victory is only achieved through surrender. This alone leads us to align to mystical Love and in so doing, we are blessed with infinite abundance.


A passionate teacher, author, coach, a modern psychic, healer and soultreupreneur, Eryka is genuinely passionate about helping people experience inner and outer transformations that empowers their soul.

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