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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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Has 2016 been a blood, sweat and tears stretch for your soul? I'm not surprised if your answer is a huge resounding YES because the truth is we have all been through a collective purging process.

Spiritually speaking, 2016 has been the year of purification which has been purposefully preparing us to finally put an end to our egocentric illusions, both personally and universally. As such, think of 2017 as the year of soul.

It has also been a 9 year (2+0+1+6) in numerology, so you may have felt foggy, unsettled or perhaps even questioning your own stability at times!

Like all conclusion, the real focus this year has been on getting specific on what stays and what goes, what will you continue to energise and what will you finally say no to in life. It can feel like a very challenging time mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The important thing to realise is that all this is purposeful and by divine design.

We are being cosmically guided to shake off the remnants of the old and outmoded Piscean Age so we can become more solid containers of light and love. Astrologically, we are being subtly updated with new frequencies of the Age of Aquarius.

Universally, archaic and outmoded systems, institutions, government and personal relationships are being reorganised in order to birth an evolved way of a number 1 year next year. We are being psychically trained to develop the courage and spiritual electricity in 2017 to singe away distortions, illusions, disease, and dysfunction and connect more deeply with our true essence. This is what you can expect of the new year-it will be the Year to End all Illusions. if that's not a huge cosmic exclamation point in the story of humanity, then what is!?

As we prepare ourselves for the quantum shifts ahead, we must also remind ourselves that with growth often comes growing pains. Things might get a little crazy, messy, chaotic. Our collective unconscious is being reorganised to propel us into the new paradigm and so we may feel disoriented, ungrounded or confused at times. A recalibration of your physical, emotional and mental bodies will slowly take place to help you vibrate higher, bringing an acceleration of awareness and spiritual empowerment.

It may be shaky to begin with as you are personally called to surrender to your soul and let go of false beliefs, negative habits, patterns of behaviour and bravely embrace the new. We may cling to the familiarity and false sense of security of the old but we must forge ahead with our sights set on a higher vision for ourselves and our future.

Before we collectively step into the pure wisdom of universal soul consciousness, a clearing of the old muck will need to occur. Turning your wounds into wisdom is a co-creative spiritual process of transmutation. Old wounds, fears, negative beliefs and trapped emotions must be excavated so they can be released before you will step into the pure wisdom of your heart.

This process can be very difficult as historical energy from your past rises up to be transformed into love and forgiveness. So be prepared to face your shadows and all your shit! You have to have serious spiritual courage to look into the darkest recesses of your being, It is not easy acknowledging what is there sometimes but this is not a time to fear, it is a time for faith and

fierce self compassion. Although you may have been through much of this already, you must also prepare to continue this journey to ensure your ongoing growth.

Be kind to yourself as you go through the process of alchemy. As you let go of the old and embrace the new, remember to stay aligned to the vibration of love, faith and gratitude. Doing this is a fail safe way to ensure you live your life from the intuitive wisdom of your soul rather than the distortions of your ego or mass consciousness of fear. Remind yourself how loved, supported and guided you are. Open yourself up to the infinite love of Spirit and imagine all those that are walking this courageous path coming together to experience a big cosmic hug to support each other through this powerful time of heightened energy.

With just weeks to go before we clock over into the refreshing energy of a 1 year, now is the time to connect inwards and reflect and review the life chapter that was 2016. Note all you experienced and learnt and get clear on what it is within your self, your career, relationships, and other aspects.

What held you hostage and stopped you fully expressing the power of your soul? What stood in your way? What fears and illusions held you back that now need to be set aflame with the power of your faith? MAKE an intention to ritualistically release the shackles of fear. Think about what kind of tomorrow you want to create by taking control of your mind today. Get crystal clear on what requires more of your attention, energy and focus in 2017 so that your soul self is nurtured and empowered to lead you in life.

I have designed the Make Magic Happen 2017 Soul Planner for this specific purpose. This print and digital workbook takes you through a guided process to help you not only celebrate and salute 2016 but also offer you potent guidance and practical tools to assist you in the process of personal transformations 2017 and beyond. Access it here.

Now is undoubtedly the time to create a new soul-soaked future. The new year stretches fresh and untouched and the cosmos is offering you a clean slate upon which you can spiritually engrave whatever you wish upon the stars.

BE THE LIGHT | E R Y K △ . S T △ N T O N

author - spirit coach - ego hacker - psychic

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