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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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The most common question I get asked is 'do you believe in life after death?' I am quick to say 'Yes, there is absolutely life after death'. I am absolutely convinced because of many reasons but mostly because although I don't talk about it openly, I often dialogue with people past over.

These experiences have me 100% sold on the reality of life after death as the information I offer my clients is so specific and intimate that there is no other explanation other than to accept I am chatting with their loved one telepathically.

I believe that death is an illusion. We basically just change frequencies. I think of it as light on a new frequency that is no longer visible to human eyes but it is nonetheless there and very real. The truth that ancient cultures have known for centuries is that we are eternal beings on an everlasting journey through physical and spiritual realms in a very majestic and complex universe.

In my opinion, when we pass over, we enter a world of consciousness and we essentially extract everything we are out with us. When we are die we basically´pull out´ Into a new dimension and based on the telepathic conversations I've had with those passed, we experience a kind of sensation of freedom. This is especially true if the physical self was in suffering, ill or in tremendous pain.

The really IMPORTANT part however is that I believe whatever consciousness we cultivate in our physical self will then dictate what wavelength or frequency we 'pull out' to when we 'cross over'. So if you think thoughts of joy, deep gratitude and love often then it becomes your most common resonance. Therefore when you pass over, you will cross over into the spiritual frequency/wavelength that corresponds to the most developed part of our soul/psyche.

This is my theory and after so much study in this field I truly believe it fits with most spiritual philosophies. If our consciousness and frequent thought sphere is abundant and packed of love, forgiveness and deep appreciation, then you will jump into a wavelength where these vibes and thoughts continue..hence it will be peaceful loving and 'heavenly' so to speak. But if you frequently energise thoughts of hate, anger, fear then this energy will dominate your psyche and you will extract to that wavelength which is basically 'hell'.

Firstly, you are living out this heaven or hell in your own life in the reality of each moment, let along taking it with you when you die and neither actually serves you! In my view, if we do exit to that lower dark frequency, we have the will to direct our consciousness to come back to have another 'embodied' experience to correct our soul/psyche so that we can get another chance to elevate our frequency the next time we 'pull out'..and we are stuck in this perpetual cycle until we completely melt into pure love light frequency..into Christ / Buddhic consciousness.

Further to this I believe it is not an individual experience, I believe we are one soul body so I believe our mission to elevate our frequency is a universal one and therefore it is our responsible to contribute to the collective betterment and advancement of our universal consciousness.

So if you want a good seat on the other side so to speak, then you need to understand the gift and significance of this life you have been given! You need to use this sacred opportunity to consciously improve the quality of your inner world of thoughts and emotions and ensure the dominant content of your psyche is positive and fueled by love!

This is what motivates all spiritually connected people to do their inner work and that is why most religions offer you us a pathway to using this life to prepare for the next! But sadly many ignore or reject this reality and choose to immerse themselves with inflating their ego instead. Each to their own...those will be on the wheel of suffering/samsara for a little longer until they awaken to there spiritual mission.

My mission is to help those ready to change their frequency and renovate their inner world...the great news is we have every incentive to TAKE INSPIRED ACTION as doing this will not just serve you in the next helps improve this one!!

Just remember, the quality of our thoughts and consciousness in the NOW is our ´ticket´ to a good or not-so-good seat in this life AND the next so there's every reason to take your head outta the sand and get yourself vibrating on the HIGHEST POSSIBLE FREQUENCY A.S.A.P. Call me if you would like some guidance. ✌️


A passionate teacher, author, coach, a modern psychic, healer and soultreupreneur, Eryka has been a soul based coach and healer for over a decade. A master number 11 and a self professed tree hugger, Eryka is genuinely passionate about helping people experience inner and outer transformations that empowers their soul.

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