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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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Spirituality is not something you choose, it has been within you all along. It is your most authentic form and the source of your inner power, passion and purpose. I wrote The Spiritual Gangsta's Guide to Growth to act as your companion as you navigate through the insanely amazing spiritual quest that is your life. I have used the term ‘Spiritual Gangsta’ to identify those that are ready to embrace their spiritual awesomeness but humble enough to realise they serve a very powerful infinite, invisible and indescribable sacred force.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the challenges we face in life occur to help us move to a place within ourselves where we can consciously choose to grow past the struggles into a much higher state of consciousness. It is making you stronger and wiser. That pain is purposeful.

There are too many people in a state of suffering at these times. Everyone is thirsty for more joy, peace and love but many are misguided and aim to quench their thirst with worldly pleasures. We are constantly ‘buying’ ourselves self-esteem. The irony is that our ego is insatiable in its quest and that is one big void that no amount of ‘stuff’ will ever fill. What we need is for our soul to be nourished from the inside out. Our thirsty soul can only be quenched by delving deeply into recovering our TRUE self and connecting with the Divine potential that sits inside of us.

As a species, we have much to be ashamed about. We create wars, perpetuate greed, abuse, violence,engage in corruption and live in hypocrisy. We behave the way we do as a species not because we are inherently bad but because FEAR strips us away from our light and gives birth to shadows within us. We are innately good. Our essence is goodness- or Godness. When we slipped through the veil of forgetfulness and took human form, we forgot our Divine power and submitted to the power of our survival instincts instead.

Fear began to dominate our consciousness and we have been battling ever since to find a way out of the dark and back into the light. We need warrior hearts and rebel spirits that dedicate themselves to creating change by having the courage to change themselves. That is the definition of a ‘Spiritual Gangsta’. Ultimately each member of the gangsta tribe have taken a spiritual pledge to willingly serve the GodFather (aka the Divine Great Spirit).

You do this by directing love to all things, all beings, animals, nature and even to your own shadows. We need change! The world needs an interdimensional spiritual intervention and that can only happen if we take the pledge to fight against our hive consciousness of fear and continually realign with our soul so we can be channels of light. And as we do this, we act as portals of light that serve to lead humanity into a state of higher consciousness.

Excerpt from The Spiritual Gangsta's Guide to Growth, released 2015. Purchase the digital or hardcopy at


A passionate teacher, author, coach, a modern psychic, healer and soultreupreneur, Eryka is genuinely passionate about helping people experience inner and outer transformations that empowers their soul.

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