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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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SHOUTOUT to all the beautiful souls out there who are light workers, heart centred souls, lovers of love! You are all hidden members of a magical world wide invisible web made of the lights of the lovers of the Divine Light! You may not even realise you are holding a lantern for those in the dark...but you have chosen to incarnate at this time for a REASON!

The world is going through a tremendous shake up. Although this may seem scary, it is part of a sacred plan. The incredible reality is that YOU are all unknowingly spinning hearts, forming a world wide map made of points of light that hold the balance of light AND LOVE in this dimension.

You are being divinely positioned around the planet and have an incredible spiritual duty to fulfil! Some are knowingly already in position but some of you are being called to get into yours so don't ignore the CALL!.

Some are even so in tune that they are moving to new physical locations while others are having their hearts and souls mystically awakened to there soul's hidden purpose. It's magical..although these times are extremely hard, we must trust that there is a master plan of love and light unfolding at a micro and macro level.

Breathe in love and breathe out fear..give thanks for being part of this majestic creation. Beam gratitude and joy, reach into the hearts and minds of others, laugh, give love freely and know that every time you do this you are forming CLUSTERS of points of light. With every point, an incredible World Wide Web of light will hold space for the entire planet's consciousness to be shifted and UPGRADED so we humans can finally embody more light and unconditional LOVE...transforming the energy structure of the planet. Just know you are significant in the unfoldment of this PLAN as humanity is rebooted with a higher consciousness.

The true spiritual beings that finally face the Divine for strength at these times are the hidden gifts and transformers of this world. Celebrate the fact that you have been chosen to live at this moment in cosmic time. This is a very precious time as never before has the world been infused with such strong astral energy to majorly influence + speed up of the evolution of this planet. You are here to help open the heart of the world by opening your own heart!

Your positivity, faith, hope, love and REBELLION against EVIL and fear will drastically raise the frequency of cosmic energy and directly help implant it into the hearts of people all around the world!!!

Keep Beaming that Magical Infinite Divine Light of Yours SoulTribe.

© ERYKA STANTON // BOOK ONLINE NOW​A passionate teacher, author, coach, a modern psychic, healer and soultreupreneur, Eryka is genuinely passionate about helping people experience inner and outer transformations that empowers their soul.

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