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global empowerment coach | spiritual mentor &  trainer psychic | author | artist | founder consciousness coaching®

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If you are on the spiritual path you will know all too well that the the road is winding, exhilarating, challenging, yet magical. The mystics path is not only mysterious, it can at times be frustrating, with never ending tests and soul lessons to decode. Rest assured however, your dedication and willingness to surrender yourself to the pull of your soul will pay off spiritually in a way that is well beyond human comprehension. The sacred path is the most important journey you will ever take however be aware that as an initiate of the flame, you must be prepared to burn what holds you bound to ego consciousness. As Victor Frankl said "What is to give light, must endure burning."

The one thing I have learned the hard way is that change is not a magical event, but a series of peeling away anything that is not you. This process, that is often brutal for the ego is a slow process of inner alchemy. This process of transmutation slowly turns the lead of your ego into the light of your soul, so remember to practice patience along the path.

The spiritual quest is an adventure like no other! It will take you through the mountainous terrains of your hidden wounds and connect you to your inner most essence. Each moment presents you with yet another opportunity to recover the person you truly are beneath all the layers of fear, insecurity, doubt, shame, guilt and pain. Each step you take, you are being invited by the Divine to choose love over fear so you can start operating from soul consciousness.

Before you step into the pure wisdom of your soul consciousness, a clearing of the old muck will need to occur. Turning wounds into wisdom is a co-creative miraculous process of spiritual deification. Old wounds, fears, negative beliefs and trapped emotions must be excavated so they can be released before you will step into the pure wisdom of your heart.

This process can be very difficult as historical energy from your past rises up to be transmuted into love and forgiveness so be prepared to face your shadows and all your shit! You have to have serious gangsta courage to look into the darkest recesses of your being, It is not easy acknowledging what is there sometimes but this is not a time to fear, it is a time for faith and

fierce self compassion. This deepest part of you has been yearning for your love and understanding for eons. There will be nothing more soul fulfilling and soul empowering than learning how to direct unconditional love to yourself.

Be kind to yourself as you go through the process of alchemy. There is an art and science to personal transformation. Be willing to journey into your timeline to recover all your abandoned parts and soul fragments. As you heal and clear the negative imprints through unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, you will be able to live your life from the intuitive wisdom of your soul rather than the distortions of the emotional and mental body.

At some point, old junk might resurface again but do not be disheartened as a new layer of soul depth is being revealed. You may think you have done your inner ‘work’ and healed certain parts of you. You may become confused as to why you may be re-experiencing old patterns or emotions. This just signals that you are moving through a deeper layer of awareness and are ready to transmute even deeper buried shadows into light.

Personal and spiritual growth requires a dedication to drilling through the many masks of the ego to reveal the infinite light of our soul. It is an ongoing voyage. This does not mean you never heal, it just means your consciousness is ready to expand even wider.

Expanding your consciousness is the gift you give yourself and the world. We are living in an interesting time in history. It is the age of social, political, environmental and spiritual transformation.

The world is in fact at the precipice of an epic spiritual crusade. We are as needy, greedy, and entitled as never before. We are killing off this magnificent earth, nature, animals, and each-other because we are fundamentally devoid of spirituality and too consumed by our ego. Our consciousness is thirsting to expand but the ego is holding it back.

Our finger pointing starts to turn on us when we accept that the world we perceive is just an outward manifestation of our collective inner soul disintegration. When we look out at the world and see conflict, anger, hatred, violence, corruption, poverty and other situations we are merely seeing the results of our collective psyche. That is why all change starts within. For this reason, it is important to be dedicated to healing yourself. See it as an eternal gift you give the universe. It is your soul’s legacy. You can start by becoming more conscious about what you are broadcasting inwardly and outwardly!

You might question how you can be so significant, but do not doubt it. When we are living in an illusion of separation we perceive we are all just individuals that have no impact on one another.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all one soul body so what you do to me you do to you and vice versa.

All that you feel, think and do contributes to the collective unconscious that influences the psyche of every living thing on earth. Imagine a huge invisible spiritual web that captures all the junk and is shaped also by all the good. We influence its effect on everything and everyone. You are a significant contributor to what this grid transmits so be conscious about what you are broadcasting both inwardly and outwardly.

It is no coincidence you chose to live at this time. Your spirit has something powerful to gift this world. I am not telling you this to inflate your ego. I am not appealing to your ego right now, I am instead speaking directly to your soul.

Many people are chosen to fulfill a very specific spiritual task here on earth. Some are here to call others to take spiritual action in the world and maybe you are one of them. Irrespective, you are a blessing and you need to know that!

As a spiritual gangsta you are part of a very important soul group that serves a collective purpose of being a channel for the Divine to express itself. Your body is the sacred mode of transport your soul chose to help you complete your soul contracts and mission.

As we grow we aim to please others, our loved ones, family, friends, the world! We are like fools looking for fool’s gold! Always searching and seeking outside ourselves yet forever unfulfilled. As you spiritually mature, and move up the mountain of self-awareness you start to shed those layers, illusions and needs of your lower self.

Your higher mind is activated and what concerns you now is coming into deep relationship with your SELF so much so that you transcend your ego and look inwards and upwards to connect with Spirit. There you find rest, fulfillment and truth.

You are here to help the world cross the mystical bridge from the lower, survival mechanism of fear, to the higher, divine consciousness of love. We are all being called to view ourselves, each other and world through the eyes of God. We are being guided to activate our perfected soul (Christ) consciousness and recognise true power is not in earthly things, it is instead Divine Grace.

Ultimately your journey is a process of psycho-spiritual alchemy. You’re digging deeper and deeper within to find the gold that rests like a jewel in your heart. As a soul powered ego-slayer you are transmuting denser energies and vibrations that are held in your body, soul and spirit into something more shiny and magnificent. As you purify from the inside, your life on the outside will reflect that change.

Remember- real power rises from within you and it is fueled by the heart. You don’t have to push things to happen, as everything is unfolding in accordance to a divine celestial plan. Stop the ego struggle and surrender to being guided by an entirely different frequency than your personal calendar.

Remind yourself frequently that struggle is from the ego and flow is from the soul. There is no need to rush dear one. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment. Everything is purposeful and everything is conspiring to help you unlock the mysteries contained in your DNA to reveal the thrilling potential that is YOU. Trust you are slowly being revealed what you already are.


This article is an adapted excerpt from my book 'The Spiritual Gangsta's Guide to Growth'. If you need some potent + practical guidance to help you navigate life's divine challenges, get your printed or digital copy now @

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